Hot Sex



Hot Sex is essentially the second half of Bi-Polar, which on the album is referred to as Bomb Tha System.  It was released two years after Bi-Polar by Liquid 8 Records and contains the rap portion of Bi-Polar and the dialogue at the end of the album.  The tracks are even in the same order on Hot Sex as they are on Bi-Polar.  There are two covers for the album.  The one below was the original cover and the one to the right is the cover that was released.


1.   Hip Hop (Intro)

2.   Hip Hop Rules

3.   O.K.S.

4.   Dirty South

5.   Hot Sex

6.   Unbreakable

7.   Detonator

8.   Elvis Killed Kennedy

9.   Insane Killas

10. Tha Weed Song

11. Get Your Ass Up

12. Crash and Burn

13. Vampiro

14. MC & Slasher

15. Anthropology

16. White Trash


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