BI-POLAR    adj.


"Increased strength and energy, decreased sleep, extreme irritability, rapid, unpredictable emotional changes, racing thoughts, flights of ideas, increased interest in activities, overspending, grandiosity, inflated self-esteem, and increased sexual drive."


In Vanilla Ice's most diverse album, he takes his hardcore style of rap displayed in Mind Blowin' and shares it with his hard rock style from Hard to Swallow to produce Bi-Polar.  It was originally to be released as a double-album, one disc of rock (Scabz) and one disc of rap (Bomb Tha System) but it was decided that it could be packaged as one CD and split in half.  It features appearances by Chuck D of Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, Insane Clown Posse, Slipknot, and more.



1.   Introduction

2.   Nothing is Real

3.   Molton

4.   Mudd Munster

5.   Exhale

6.   Hate

7.   Primal Side

8.   I Know

9.   Hip Hop (Intro)

10. Hip Hop Rules

11. O.K.S.

12. Dirty South

13. Hot Sex

14. Unbreakable

15. Detonator

16. Elvis Killed Kennedy

17. Insane Killas

18. Tha Weed Song

19. Get Your Ass Up

20. Crash and Burn

21. Vampiro

22. MC & Slasher

23. Anthropology

24. White Trash



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